The Cider Tap

190 Euston Road, Euston, London, NW1 2EF.
Tel: (0203) 137 8837

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24th Apr 2012 - I hate cider but I like pubs so I was a big brave boy and tried the Cider Tap. I ordered a beer because it turns out I'm not that brave and even though it's the cider tap it had a very good beer selection. The outside is as good as identical to the Euston tap just across the road and is a beautiful towery gateposty thing. Inside it felt more pubby than it's brother across the street as it was a bit darker, the bar was down one side and there were some actual tables downstairs. Upstairs was also a bit different as they had kind of cordoned off the toilet area. It had a kind of cabin like feel to it and I was liking it. The one main problem I had was the smell of cider became quite overpowering and was making me feel a little nauseous. By a little I mean a lot and I had to go outside to continue breathing. I will add nobody else seemed to have the same problem and I suspect it was just me being a pussy. I think this is great for cider and pub lovers with less t**tish noses than me. A great addition to the London pub scene.
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