Plume Of Feathers

19 Park Vista, Greenwich, London, SE10 9LZ.
Tel: (0208) 858 1661
Plume Of Feathers

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12th Oct 2010 - The most offensive and insulting dining experience I have ever experienced. Went for Sunday lunch here after reading many positive reviews, and took my visiting mum, and my brother here. We ordered 3 veggie roasts, and 2 mixed roasts. Sometime after ordering, we were informed that there was only one veggie roast left, and so after a little discussion, and an assurance that there was indeed a veggie roast left, we decided to stay and 2 of us would have a selsction of vegetables and roasts at a reduced price. After an interminable wait, we asked where our food was, only for it to appear mere moments later. How we wish it hadn't! The veggie "Roast" had changed into a goats cheese salad served atop the hot vegetables. Nice! The vegetables themselves looked suspiciously like Messrs Birds Eyes cast offs, and the roast pots and yorkshire pud had obviously met a certain Aunt Bessie. The 2 plates of assorted vegetables were an affront to any sane person and were swiftly declined. The carnivores in our group could not escape the horror either. My mother's mixed roast contained a lump of unidentifiable (anus, scrotum???) meat that even the waitress couldn't name, and so that was also left uneaten. Overall the attitude from the kitched appeared to be, "ah well they're vegetarians, they eat s**t all the time, so no need to worry" and I even commented to my brother that this kind of slop was not acceptable 20 years ago in London. To be served this disgusting, thoughtless, insulting swill now is quite frankly appalling. I would strongly advise any vegetarians to give this place a swerve as you are sure to find tastier options in high street bin.
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