The Old Bank Of England

194 Fleet Street, Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2LT.
Tel: (0207) 430 2255
The Old Bank Of England

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Staff (Averaging 2.8 from 433 reviews)
1st Aug 2007 - Built in 1888 to be the law court's very own branch of the Bank of England, this fine building became a pub in 1995. Owned by Fullers, they have spent much money on restoring it and a fine job they made of it. Not sure how many of the features are original, and to be frank a couple of the pillars looked very fake. However, it is a fine looking place, built between the locations of Sweeney Todds barber shop and the pie shop in which his minced up victims bodies were sold. Not entirely sure the pub should be advertising this fact in it's menu that specialises in...... pies.

Food is standard Fullers - lots of things with mash (sausages, pies) and a few other pub things. Very busy at peak times and I feel best visited before or after. Clientele largely suits, so it's a rowdy blackberry wielding lot in there.

Service was ok, and if it was in a nicer location and there hadn't been a mouse running up and down the bar, would probably have scored higher.
Staff (Averaging 2.9 from 238 reviews)
8th Aug 2006 - There's a bit of a trend with Fullers pubs occupying buildings that were formerly banks, as this one is. Interior is interesting with a very high ceiling, making the whole pub feel very spacious. Clientelle is quite young given its proximity to Temple and the law courts but gives it an interesting atmosphere. Normal Fullers food is available and the selection of beers is not bad either.
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