Friend At Hand

4 Herbrand St, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 1HX.
Tel: (0207) 837 5524
Friend At Hand

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User (Averaging 3.3 from 86 reviews)
4th Feb 2013 - Its a Taylor Walker and every time I go in one of there pubs there beer selection seems to have got slightly better and as I was in a lager mood the bottles were a pretty decent selection for what is a very ordinary slightly touristy chain pub. Its got dark wood and gold bits as does most of the chain. Along with the fake authentic look is a couple of flat screens which thankfully weren't on. Not a bad pub when your on a crawl but not the sort of place you would want to be a local. Just a bit plain and un unique. To my tastes anyway. The food was the same bog standard menu you can get just about anywhere in britain. Not near the top of my must return list. Actually not even on a return list. Probably a bit harsh but its been typed now and I'm not going to delete anything.
Staff (Averaging 2.9 from 238 reviews)
30th Jul 2007 - Quite how they managed to tinker with a traditional venue in such a way to make it feel fake I do not know, but but this has happened to the Friend at Hand. The shell of the pub is old and characterful but the decor makes it feel remarkably tacky:- perhaps it has recently been refurbished. In any case the result is disappointing. Convenient as it is in the same building as the tube station but beyond that there is nothing here that really stands out.
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