The Albert

52 Victoria Street, Victoria, London, SW1H 0NP.
Tel: (0207) 222 5577
The Albert

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Staff (Averaging 3.6 from 16 reviews)
12th Aug 2009 - Having passed this pub innumerable times & enjoyed the way it contrasts with the surrounding office blocks, it was with some tripidation that I set foot inside, fearing that it would be overrun with tourists. Fortunately, although there are a fair number, they didn't seem to dominate (at least at night), & a couple of fine pints of Directors were enjoyed. Also, top marks for cheesy & enjoyable music!
Staff (Averaging 3.1 from 26 reviews)
16th Oct 2007 - The exterior of this historic pub stands out like a Chippendale chair in Ikea, surrounded as it is by grim 1970s office blocks. Alas, beyond the frosted glass it fails to deliver. Safe in the knowledge that the passing tourist trade and less discerning après work drinkers will keep it in business, the Albert offers nothing special in the way of goods or services, indeed the food appears to throb on hotplates for days on end. All this would be forgivable if the atmosphere were as unique as the building, but the transient nature of the drinker and the staff turnover are such that no particular atmosphere is ever established or maintained - it does however get a bonus point for being frequented by the occasional Chelsea Pensioner.
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