Mabels Tavern

9 Mabeldon Place, Euston, London, WC1H 9AZ.
Tel: (0207) 387 7739
Mabels Tavern

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Reviews of Mabels Tavern

User (Averaging 3.3 from 86 reviews)
17th Apr 2012 - As with most Shepherd Neame pubs it has a lot of good qualities. Some very nice ales on tap and the allround awesome Oranjeboom. It's a Lager I have had a crush on since my student days and the daily trudge to the happy shopper and 16 cans for £8 pounds. It seemed so sophisticated compared to Fosters but then a belching bus driver with a BO problem is more sophisticated than Fosters. Anyway this is a good pub to stop and catch up on the footy results and it's not to packed which is a surprise as its one of the better pubs in the area. Not sure why one half of the pub was showing speedway but it was and it was the busier half of the pub. Never understood the appeal of motor powered bicycles going round in muddy circles but each to their own and its the first time I've seen it live down the pub. The service was also friendly and as I was sat near the bar everyone did seem to be served with a smile. Good pub just lacking a tiny bit of atmosphere, maybe its a bit too clean.
Staff (Averaging 2.9 from 238 reviews)
2nd Nov 2007 - Winner over the last few years of its brewery's best-kept cellar competition, Mabel's tavern is a fairly average pub off the beaten track in front of Euston. Locals are the office workers, the beer and food is good and not too expensive and the staff courteous. Good, but not great, but you could do worse.
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BreweryShepherd Neame

PubIt's a pub

GardenOutside seating

FoodFood available

Area for hireArea to hire

WifiFree wifi

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