The Temperance

74-76 York Street, Marylebone, London, W1H 1QN.
Tel: (0207) 262 1513
The Temperance

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User (Averaging 3.3 from 86 reviews)
30th Oct 2012 - A place I've started crawls from on many occasions but somehow not managed to blog about. From the outside it looks like a pub despite the fancy font used on the pub sign. Not your normal pub font but hardly a creative bit of signage. Anyway I don't suppose its overly relevant as everyone attending found it and read the sign just fine. On arrival I thought the place was hosting a wedding due to the weddingy dressed people in the bar and the 40 thousand wine glasses on the bar. Not sure whether it was ok to go in so I just strode to the bar looked like I was supposed to be there and ordered in the hope it was a free bar. It wasn't free and it wasn't a wedding. In my head I wanted to play the glasses like a musical instrument and make everybody clap. In actuality I winged about all the glasses on the bar being in my way and sat down next to a very weird fish thing nailed to the wall of this square dark wood well windowed room. The choice of ale wasn't huge but it was decent enough and in the past I have sampled some of the Thai food (why thai in a pub) and its quite good. I'll be back as its a good starting point if not an exceptional pub.
User (Averaging 4 from 1 reviews)
27th Mar 2008 - Hello My Names Viktor Kayam, I loved the Temeperance sooo much I brought it!! Joking asides, I did buy a few more pints there than intended! Was in the area and this place seemed busy so I popped in a for a pint with a mate. We stayed all afternoon! Great menu (The roast beef was a killer portion and very well cooked too!), happy staff (a rariety sometimes in pubs) and a real good buzz! It was like a pub should be, lively, good beer (always important to me!!), and even the music was good in a retro ''borrowed from your own record collection'' kind of way (no muzak schmultz here!).
I almost don't want to tell anyone how good this pub is, for fear of inviting the wrong crowd. Like all pubs should be, you can chat to anyone without worrying about making a fool of yourself - handy for me!. Frequented by scientists, philosophers, phsychologists, mathamaticians, artsists, trekkies, hippies, skifflers, fools, crazy muthas, train-spotters, Scottish Jews, beer-collectors... you name it, they drink here. I will be back and even though I was out of my usual drinking area, I would and will make a trip back!
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